Dog days of summer

For the parents out there, keeping children busy in the summer aside from a family vacation can be a challenge –whether you work or not.  If you have 2 or more kids, they may not like the same activity. My son told me before the end of school he did not want to go to camp. Ok, I have three kids and I just graduated and I’m  looking for work.  That requires lots of quite time.  Luckily I found a climbing camp for half a day that helped one week and I took the rest day by day. Once vacation ended they started with the “I’m bored story.”  I don’t like keeping them inside on a computer when the weather is warm.  We headed to the gym pool, parks, play dates, backyard trampoline fun, zoo, nature center, bike rides etc. 

Their voices always raised when the phone rang. I needed to talk to potential employers. So, these last few days I tried to change my approach with them, reward good behavior and say less and not raise my voice. It kinda worked. I used “mommy bucks” when they did something extraordinary and we used them for a ten dollar toy.  ( if you can find one? ) Two of them put their dollars together and I went over the limit for the last toy. So we did that reward system once. School is about to start and I can’t say I was always quiet. My approach to the car fighting is to stop and pull over and wait til they are done. It usually works.

To the dog days of summer to the start of school, let the challenges of parenting continue. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t make a decision on their behalf. 

Cheers to the parents and praise to the children. Someday they will thank my advice and discipline. 

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I missed my blog, but didn’t miss taking shots

It’s been a long time since I posted and it’s because I have been writing papers for graduate classes non-stop since I returned from Abu Dhabi, UAE.  After coming home from this amazing trip in December 2015, we had to research and write a 25 page paper while we started our next classes in January.  That produced another 25 page research paper and presentation only to finish with my final class on June 1, 2016 with a poster presentation and handed in my 40+ page paper…written a couple times over to get it right.  Commencement to follow….

Here is a look at some of the photos taken in the U.A.E. People were really friendly there and it’a a huge place to see it all.  We missed some top attractions due to lack of time with traveling everywhere we could.   I took these with a mirrorless-camera, I managed not to lose it, but the study abroad stories are a another story.  I was the only one who lost their luggage on arrival. Imagine that after 15 hours of flight time, no real sleep, tired, then no luggage to relax.

The weight is off my shoulders (for now) from just completing my Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies of Professional Leadership. I need to rest my thoughts after pursuing my higher education which started with a vision of completion over ten years ago.  Life happens.  I am extremely excited, proud and happy to have reached the finish line.  I can devote more time to the creativity that I crave and fun times with the family, along with being sociable face to face locally and landing that perfect job to support my photography business, although shouldn’t that business support itself??  Continue reading

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Fall is on the Ground/Going Abroad

Well it’s been a while for one of my post.   I’ve been too busy studying the books and preparing for my trip abroad to UAE, Abu Dubai.  One of the safer Middle Eastern Areas, or so I hope.

I’m excited for all the photography opportunities even if I have to study at the local University for a few days.  What to see what to  do?  Our class had to compile a presentation of what we want to see and do and two things I picked were riding a camel in the desert and kayaking through the mangroves.  Of course seeing and riding the elevator to the world’d tallest building and attending the Formula 1 Grand Prix is among them.  As the cooler months are in December dressing to cover up will be easier.  As I venture on this 14 hour flight I hate to think about what is happening in other Arab nations.

Oil being a big source of income in dollars, they actually make 6% from the industry today.  Plenty of billionaires who are the minority in their own country.  The locals make up about 5% of the population.  Tourism is a huge source of income and there are plenty of interesting buildings  to see.  Many were build from expat’s poor wages.

All in all I hope it’s a safe trip as I will be writing  a 25 page paper upon my return.




P.S. – I was clearing out my “Junk” folder and skimmed through it and saw some blogs  that I subscribe to.  That explains why I don’t see them in my inbox and will use reader.

-Happy Shooting

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Cherry Blossoms

Ok, so I’m a bit behind in seasonal photographs. I was looking through my catalog of photos and came across these beauties which decorate my back yard for a short time in the spring.
Takes a closer look at the first image and you will see that I’m not the only admirer of this beautiful blossom. It’s sort of like a hidden picture. Why do natural things of beauty seem to have a short life span? Well, this is why photography was invented, to keep the beauty lasting forever.








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Happy Independence Day!

Well it’s been a long time since I posted a page on my blog.  So many things happening here at once, I have sometimes put my favorite things on the back burner so I can get something else done.  Time is the one thing that remains constant and seems forever moving faster as we get older.  Independence day is one day that is usually surrounded with carnivals, festivals, food, family, friends, parades and the American Flag.   May it always represent our freedom as we celebrate.

Here’s a look at my firework experiment, as I like to call it every year since I like to try new methods and don’t get many opportunities to see fireworks .  The tripod helps, but my extremely slow shutter speed from 4-6 seconds and hitting the shutter by hand slowed down the amount of clicks I could do.  Perhaps it’s related to the card speed as well.  I do believe I am getting  better at this firework taking each year.  Enjoy and have a good one.






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Contrasting close ups 

I love to take photographs of flowers and they are mostly when I view them in a flower shop or another retail market.

Click, click, click and I save the best ones.  The staff doesn’t mind or they haven’t said anything to me yet.  My favorite place to take images is by the door at Whole Foods.  Shopping there eats a hole in my pocket so I suppose I pay for my flower photos one way or another.

These contrasting roses are spectacular as I shop with my lenses.


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Change your perspective…

…change your mind.  When we look at something from a different point of view it can change how we perceive things and how we may appreciate them. It doesn’t have to be from an airplane, it could be how you keep an open mind when listening to someone else talk.

New perspectives can give you something new to ponder and teach you something too!

New perspectives are seen from your camera’s lenses and as a photographer we have to strive to seek new ways of seeing the same object or person.  Keep the creativity growing.

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Smiling Back at You

Look, look, look over there, look up, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a huge beautiful colorful smile starting back at me.  Wow, pretty neat.  Although these colors are almost true to what the eyes saw, it was just neat to see this multi-colored image in the sky, only lasting for seconds.


Many of you know that this was not my year for photography.  I did manage to take some great photos, just not enough.  Perhaps this is why we photographers keep shooting –the next one is always the best one.  Next year, I will be across the world shooting in unknown foreign lands, someplace I would have never dreamed of going to.  The trip is offered to the Graduate students at my University.  I’m crossing my fingers, I can go.  This year the students are in China now.  I was too late with all the registration details.  I’m ready this time.  Giving up some things and saving my pennies. The closer I get to being confirmed I will reveal the Country location.  Until then, Happy shooting and Happy Day.

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Magical spheres

These beautiful spheres will brightly light up the lake on the several “illumination” nights planned for the Arboretum park this year. A spectacular sight to see if you buy tickets early enough before they sell out. Went last year and it was definitely a wow factor. Be prepared to dress warm as you walk throughout to path. My fond memories and photos of last year are still with me. 😄 enjoy this holiday cheer as most are happier until they get their credit card statements next year.

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On the road again

Driving home from a wonderful day at the Morton Arboretum where the autumn colors has everyone flocking to see what they can. The sunset view up ahead takes your breath away. More colors to capture of a different nature. The foliage shots to be posted on another post.
This photo doesn’t reveal what the naked eyes can really see.


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