Contrasting close ups 

I love to take photographs of flowers and they are mostly when I view them in a flower shop or another retail market.

Click, click, click and I save the best ones.  The staff doesn’t mind or they haven’t said anything to me yet.  My favorite place to take images is by the door at Whole Foods.  Shopping there eats a hole in my pocket so I suppose I pay for my flower photos one way or another.

These contrasting roses are spectacular as I shop with my lenses.


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Change your perspective…

…change your mind.  When we look at something from a different point of view it can change how we perceive things and how we may appreciate them. It doesn’t have to be from an airplane, it could be how you keep an open mind when listening to someone else talk.

New perspectives can give you something new to ponder and teach you something too!

New perspectives are seen from your camera’s lenses and as a photographer we have to strive to seek new ways of seeing the same object or person.  Keep the creativity growing.

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Smiling Back at You

Look, look, look over there, look up, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a huge beautiful colorful smile starting back at me.  Wow, pretty neat.  Although these colors are almost true to what the eyes saw, it was just neat to see this multi-colored image in the sky, only lasting for seconds.


Many of you know that this was not my year for photography.  I did manage to take some great photos, just not enough.  Perhaps this is why we photographers keep shooting –the next one is always the best one.  Next year, I will be across the world shooting in unknown foreign lands, someplace I would have never dreamed of going to.  The trip is offered to the Graduate students at my University.  I’m crossing my fingers, I can go.  This year the students are in China now.  I was too late with all the registration details.  I’m ready this time.  Giving up some things and saving my pennies. The closer I get to being confirmed I will reveal the Country location.  Until then, Happy shooting and Happy Day.

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Magical spheres

These beautiful spheres will brightly light up the lake on the several “illumination” nights planned for the Arboretum park this year. A spectacular sight to see if you buy tickets early enough before they sell out. Went last year and it was definitely a wow factor. Be prepared to dress warm as you walk throughout to path. My fond memories and photos of last year are still with me. 😄 enjoy this holiday cheer as most are happier until they get their credit card statements next year.

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On the road again

Driving home from a wonderful day at the Morton Arboretum where the autumn colors has everyone flocking to see what they can. The sunset view up ahead takes your breath away. More colors to capture of a different nature. The foliage shots to be posted on another post.
This photo doesn’t reveal what the naked eyes can really see.


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Who doesn’t let things slide and lose sight of time? I’m sure that’s most of you. I have had a finished document of my manuscript waiting to prepare professionally, I have let it collect some dust while I continue with my Masters Degree in Leadership with a current course in Global Leadership. It’s an eye opener as I learn valuable facts and lessons from each class.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I struggle to find time for my lifelong dream of publishing this book idea which is on leadership. I worked so hard with my coach to polish it up.

Ideas circulate my head as to my marketing strategies and door to door company sales I propose. With all that said, the bottom line is to just block time off each day and leave procrastination at the door. Wish me luck.


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Seasonal changes from the Mid-west

This is not New England where the vast array of Autumn colors can be seen from the tree dense mountains or in the distance up ahead.  No…this is Central Illinois where the few tree lined streets near me display an artful of colors for your eyes to see for a few short weeks.

Here today, gone tomorrow when the rain washes the leaves away off the branches into the wind and onto my lawn for raking.  Then the leaves are no longer considered a beautiful display, NO. They become an exercise of a job of raking and bagging and raking some more no matter if the leaves fell from your tree or your neighbors. Good thing I do like my neighbors.

Enjoy the captures and the weather if you have temperatures above the 50’s like here.






Photos by Martina  — visit for more.

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Flowers of a different view

This past week the weather in the Chicagoland area has been unusually warm and spending time outside enjoying nature has been a joy in lifting the spirits.  My last post I spoke about my photo shopping in stores.  I have more store photos to share during my outings.  I did a mini photo project by photographing the same bunch of flowers using several camera settings.  Thanks again to my friends at Whole Foods, these roses are gorgeous.

Which one do you like the best?








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Photo Shopping in the shops

Often when I go food shopping or retail shopping I also go shopping with my camera at the same time. I’ve used my phone, my compact and my DSLR camera. Today this photo was taken with my (old) iPhone camera which was all I had on me. Memory was full so I got just one click.

I have used my DSLR to photograph in stores before, most people don’t bother me, especially if I use a smaller 50mm lens or Lensbaby optic. The only place so far that told me photos were not allowed was Victoria’s Secret.

Was my camera too obvious, did they think I was stealing their patterns and styles? There were no live models present. Oh well, I kindly left the store and put my camera away. It was a funny story at the time.

I like to stretch my camera buttons sometimes to see how far I can go…Apparently not in Victoria’s Top Secret shop.

Thank you Whole Foods for letting me “photo shop” your flowers every time I enter the doors.


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Sunset on fire

This photograph is one of my all time favorite  sunset photos.  Walking among the Morton Arboretum and seeing what my camera can capture, I spotted these wild life brushes looking like fire in the background.  Something the wonderful sun can do with it’s magical powers and glow that it gives off.  The colors, the heat, the feel good feeling all relate to our wonderful sun.

I’m enjoying every last moment at the start of Fall before Autumn temperatures really set in and coats will be worn again.

Happy Friday!


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