Let me take you on a Vacation….

I came across these photos as I searched for some baby photos for my kids to take to school.
These photos perked me up and brought a smile to my face while making me feel better about the bitter cold.
The weather here in the mid-west of Illinois has been cold, sad and depressing with no chance of me getting out much other than to run a few errands. The cold has not brought the snow that the environment so desperately needs and I had a sick child home last week and this week.

So….I’m resorting my mind and imagination to a place where the weather is warmer and fond memories linger…Hawaii and the surrounding islands. Let me take you there.


That’s me on the left, co-piloting a Cessna. I actually passed my ground written pilot test, but didn’t actually take the flying portion of the test. I didn’t have my pilot license at the time, but I don’t think this pilot next to me heard me correctly. He actually let me take control of the plane flying over Maui. I just can’t explain the feeling I felt controlling the plane over the open blue ocean water along the gorgeous cliff shores of splashing waves. I can tell you that I don’t ever wish to pursue the job of flying a plane, ever. It’s way too easy to move the plane in the wrong direction. So…. hey it was an extreme adventure while it lasted and I survived with my heart beating off the charts.

These other shots were taken around the Island of Maui or Kauai or from a tour guided helicopter ride where I sat next to the pilot who was the likes of someone who looked just like Jon Bon Jovi (lucky me).
This island is of Molokai.

Another gorgeous blue sky view.

Looks like an abandoned ship from here. Took a jeep four-wheeling to get to this beach. I really thought we were going to flip over at certain points, the roads were so filled with holes and bumps everywhere. Hold on to your hat!!

This trusted jeep brought us to safety, through my stomach hell and back again, what a ride.

That’s it, this rock says “Garden of the Gods” in the middle of the 4-wheeling trails. That’s what saved us…

What a wonderful view of the smoother portion of the dirt roads…

Well…I’ll never see that body again, this is a pre-kids photo.

I’ll end this adventure with a beautiful beach on a warm tropical day in the middle of the ocean where my mind so much wants to go and did. I needed this perk and perhaps taking a look back at a fond memory in a warm place can do wonders. I am so very much ready for Spring today to bring me out of my “blue” days, how about you?


About Martina Landolt Photography

Being outside in nature capturing the beauty that lives among us on camera or in the mind's eye has healing powers. Discovering new and interesting subjects can have a wow factor from unique angles or from new lenses or camera settings. Photography is all about light and natural light is ever-changing creating photo challenges. I'm on a photographic journey in life. Thank you so for visiting my blog. Please leave your feedback & connect with me on Facebook, twitter or Linkedin.
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9 Responses to Let me take you on a Vacation….

  1. Truels says:

    It looks like you have had a wonderful time in Hawaii, the nature and landscape must be an amazing experience. And the weather is winter-free – LOVELY!

    How long time did you travel there?

  2. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Well I’m writing from the hot summer, today’s temperature record. Swimming, swimming, these guest
    Greetings my friend from the north.

  3. Bob Zeller says:

    Great enjoyable post, Martina. Loved the photos. 🙂

  4. Wonderful travel, beautiful pictures! I love the beach! Lovely paradise!

  5. Sartenada says:

    Awesome Hawaii photos.

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