After the Great Flood of Illinois 2013

So the “Great Flood of Illinois” came and went rather quickly. You can see my last post of pictures. It did not take long before the water receded and things were getting back to “normal” for some. Plenty of flooded basements and unhappy people.
I returned a week later, on April 26th, to the Naperville Riverwalk to see what has changed. Here is a look. Our town is behind the rest of the country in terms of Spring “blooming.” The wacky weather changes from warm 65 to 50, to sunny, then back to cold, wet and rainy again.


Here you can see how the water has receded by the covered bridge and you can now see the walkway along the river.

Spring tulips are finally in bloom.

A closer look at the stairs and walkway as you can see the statue of Dick Tracy is not half-way under water anymore. The water came up to the top of these stairs by the metal railing.

The water was up to the knees of these statues. All clear now.

In the distance you can see the outdoor theatre. This was covered entirely during the flooding.

I don’t have pictures of the Centennial beach being flooded or images of it being drained. Located nearby this Riverwalk, it is a man-made beach which is emptied and filled again every year. If April showers bring May flowers, we surely got our share all in one day. Some neighbors got unfortunate basement floods. I’m looking forward to when the weather will stay warm and sunny, but for now we seem to go from extremes in temperatures during the week.


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Being outside in nature capturing the beauty that lives among us on camera or in the mind's eye has healing powers. Discovering new and interesting subjects can have a wow factor from unique angles or from new lenses or camera settings. Photography is all about light and natural light is ever-changing creating photo challenges. I'm on a photographic journey in life. Thank you so for visiting my blog. Please leave your feedback & connect with me on Facebook, twitter or Linkedin.
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14 Responses to After the Great Flood of Illinois 2013

  1. lengesinski says:

    Great Pics Capturing Places in Time……

  2. I was away when the “Naperville Great Flood” happened. I know it caused a lot of chaos and damage but I couldn’t help but feel that I was missing out on something. Walking along the Riverwalk a week or so ago I saw a park bench from near the bell tower stuck in a tree next to one of the bridges near Centennial. Absolute craziness!

    • Thanks Jacqueline for your visit and comments. Just being there to see the water level so high was unreal. The water was gushing into the beach before they began their cleanup and drainage, I’m sure to prepare for the upcoming season. I was amazed what one week did to recede the water. I’ve seen parts of the State with much worse and roads caving in, scary. Amazing how much water was dumped in such a short time.

  3. HansHB says:

    A great photo report, well done!

  4. Great shots:)

  5. munchow says:

    How fortunate that the water receded as quickly as it did, although I still feel for those who had their basements flooded. Good reporting as Hans says, both in this post and the previous one.

    • I appreciate the comments Otto. I can only imagine the reports you have made yourself and how those unfortunate people you write about have to live. How that makes you feel? It’s hard to stomach these stories from my end as with much news today.

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