Dog days of summer

For the parents out there, keeping children busy in the summer aside from a family vacation can be a challenge –whether you work or not.  If you have 2 or more kids, they may not like the same activity. My son told me before the end of school he did not want to go to camp. Ok, I have three kids and I just graduated and I’m  looking for work.  That requires lots of quite time.  Luckily I found a climbing camp for half a day that helped one week and I took the rest day by day. Once vacation ended they started with the “I’m bored story.”  I don’t like keeping them inside on a computer when the weather is warm.  We headed to the gym pool, parks, play dates, backyard trampoline fun, zoo, nature center, bike rides etc. 

Their voices always raised when the phone rang. I needed to talk to potential employers. So, these last few days I tried to change my approach with them, reward good behavior and say less and not raise my voice. It kinda worked. I used “mommy bucks” when they did something extraordinary and we used them for a ten dollar toy.  ( if you can find one? ) Two of them put their dollars together and I went over the limit for the last toy. So we did that reward system once. School is about to start and I can’t say I was always quiet. My approach to the car fighting is to stop and pull over and wait til they are done. It usually works.

To the dog days of summer to the start of school, let the challenges of parenting continue. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t make a decision on their behalf. 

Cheers to the parents and praise to the children. Someday they will thank my advice and discipline. 


About Martina Landolt Photography

Being outside in nature capturing the beauty that lives among us on camera or in the mind's eye has healing powers. Discovering new and interesting subjects can have a wow factor from unique angles or from new lenses or camera settings. Photography is all about light and natural light is ever-changing creating photo challenges. I'm on a photographic journey in life. Thank you so for visiting my blog. Please leave your feedback & connect with me on Facebook, twitter or Linkedin.
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3 Responses to Dog days of summer

  1. lorigreer says:

    How well I remember those long, long summers with two boys! It was difficult and wonderful at the same time. Your post was great. Good luck with your job search.😊

  2. lorigreer says:

    P.S. A handsome boy!

  3. Summer is long gone, but yes, I do remember those dog days of summer when my kids where smaller. Not an easy balancing act. 🙂

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