For those in darkness

Let the sun-light shine on Las Vegas….

Let the sun-light shine on Puerto Rico…

Let the sun-light shine on Florida, Texas and any State affteced by hurricanes nearby…

Each day when I wake up, I secretly hope in my heart that things will get better in this world, whether it be the improved conditions of the human impact and evironmental situations from Hurricane’s that hit land as category 4 /5 from Harvey, Irma or Maria or even an issue at home.  Those victims of the hurricanes will require external shelter and basic needs for a long time.  It is unimaginable for someone who has never experienced such great loss of their entire place to go to or loss in hope of what is to come.

Today, like no other I was horrified to hear of the shooting in Las Vegas at an outdoor country concert last night.  Sad. Tragic. Unreal. Just when the asssistance to the victims of the natural storms are underway, another unavoildable tragedy strikes.  Could it be worse?  Puerto Rico still needs aid and so do coutless others in the lower United States.

Perhaps there are no answers, yet it is times like this that should bring this country together stronger than ever. We are all human and life is so precious.  God bless this country and this world going forward.  Peace.

Hurricane season “ends” by November, so let’s hope there will be no more storms hitting land for the next two months….and the rest of the year…Or other tragidies like Las Vegas.

Prayers for the victims from the natural disasters to the evil shooter.



    1. Yes Otto, things don’t feel the same or perhaps instant access to news makes things feel worse. Keep positive, keep shooting your camera. I have to keep blogging, I have shooters block. Thanks for your kind words about that earlier. I shoot for a client who specializes in real estate. My creative eye has turned into dealing with complex people and thinking on my feet.

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