Looking Back to look forward

As I look back on my blog posts and where my time was spent, I have been photographing diverse landscapes, different countries while putting down my cameras to sometimes just take in the wow 😮 or the world happening around me to see,

While living in this modern age, we tend to miss life when we focus on our cell phones, the same is true when our photographic eyes are fixated through the lens and miss out on the whole 360.

I witness this when my camera was ready to capture old faithful in Yellowstone and the Bison was moments away coming towards my direction. Little did I know the animal can jump up the walk and run fast. Luckily I didn’t chase it like someone else did, but I had to change my camera settings and missed a magical moment.

There are different places, spaces and subjects for a variety of cameras. My DSLR is better suited for a tripod when I am fixated on a particular subject and I have the right lens mounted…be it a bird in the distance, or real estate and landscape scenes. It’s also great for hand held portraits.

My smaller mirrorless camera is quick, handy and fast to have ready at a moments notice.

while I have always felt DSLR cameras had better lens options, times are changing with with mirrorless technology. I’m a DSLR shooter, but that gear can be heavy to carry, especially overseas.

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  1. Yes, we sometimes miss out on the best part, because we stop to see and wonder. Like you, I am an avid DSLR- user. It’s still the best for me, even if mirrorless cameras are catching up and soon outperforming DSLRs. Nevertheless, I also enjoy my point-and-shoot camera, because it’s so handy.


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