Going Nowhere…A trip to Yellowstone- part I

When the road ahead looks like it never ends you literally can’t see pavement. This 40 plus hour road trip out West to Yellowstone offered diverse landscape and many roads leading to nowhere, or so it seemed.

Driving on I-90 through Nebraska, I get stopped by a cop who was in front of me. That’s a new one. It’s also State #4 where I have paid speeding fines. I’m not proud of this but when the road to nowhere gets boring, my driving speeds up. Thankfully the speed limit was 75, so relatively speaking my speed above the limit wasn’t as high. These officers seem to come from nowhere. Really.

So the adventures begin with leaving the Chicago area and heading north to I-80 West. Most of the driving was done in 4-5 hours spurts while stopping at various places.

Fast forward and the family stops in South Dakota to visit Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Both were amazing to see. I was impressed with Crazy horse, the history behind this work in progress and the scale compared to Mt. Rushmore.

Of course a photographer has to do what they love to do even if it’s a postcard shot and cliques.

Crazy horse sculpture, a work in progress all year long. An overcast day.

The famous Mt. Rushmore. I was taking more photos here than of my family vacation. Sort of like a postcard. Nothing special here.

Anxious to watch a smaller version of a geyser explode. It was not like Old Faithful.

Watching with anticipation, the spectacular Old Faithful eruption lasted about 7 minutes.

I met up with this other photographer who started to follow me wherever I planted my tripod. We didn’t share a common language but shared the craft of our passion. We had a few laughs.

I might forget I was there, at times I want to be in the landscape. What an amazing view of this explosive pop of color on the barren terrain.

Like most enthusiastic photographers, I take over kill photos – then when I finally spent time sifting though them, I find a gem I forgot I took.

Happy Shooting as always. What would this world be without photographers!

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