Freedom of (speech) photography

If anyone decides to post their opinion about anything, they are sure to find someone who is in agreement and someone who is in opposition. The intensity will vary.

If a photographer posts a photograph without any words, then the viewer makes their own interpretation worth a thousand words.

There are times when we photographers like to explain our image whether that be the location details, the description of the scene or the reasons for shooting it in the first place.

When a viewer can recognize or relate to the subject in the image, then the opinions appear to be stronger about what is shown and they become subjective in nature.

When a photographer can connect with their audience through their art, then they share something in common without knowing anything about each other.

Posting an image without words will lead to the viewers interpretation which can reveal more about the thought process of the viewing audience that the photographer.

Posting words alongside an image provides an influential narrative that is subject to interpretation by anyone who sees it.

Freedom of speech is freedom of photography which can often speak for itself without any words at all.

For example take the image below:

How would you describe this scene?

The photograph above can be:

1) a distant fire

2) sun rise

3) sun set

4) lights from a car

It’s all a matter of personal interpretation.

Leave your answer below and I will correct it.

What have you posted without words that has been misinterpreted?

Happy Shooting!

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