Winter’s Wonders

As the temperatures begin to warm up here in Illinois and the snow begins to melt, our paths and roads become filled with the excess water from the surrounding piles of shoveled snow.

It’s always a pleasure to venture in the Morton Arboretum at any time of the season.

Here is look at today’s hiking adventure with the meeting of the well trained squirrel who knows how to sit and wait for a treat from anyone who had one.

A river runs through it acting as a reflecting pond.
Views of a frozen pond entirely covered in snow.
The well trained squirrel waits and sits very still for those who pass by.
The contrasting sun-burst stands out among the dark blue sky.
The beautiful shape of The shell of the milkweed pod once contained seeds for this year’s harvest.
A stream begins to thaw as it moves along its path.

Walking along the trails can take more effort with the heavy snow underfoot. Some people use snow shoes. You can choose to stay along the paved roads which are not as exciting of an adventure to spot living creatures, unique plants and interesting patterns of trees.

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