Into the woods…

As a photographer I have always been fascinated by the patterns and designs I encounter in the thick of the woods or any nature center, preserve or park.

My camera gravitates to capture these outside creations of art. Like any art, the beauty lies with the eyes of the beholder. For me. I cannot walk on a nature path or distant forest without recognizing how nature forms it’s mysterious patterns and designs.

Patterns are often seen after a fallen branch or tree trunk has settled along with the foliage. What lies ahead is left to anyone’s imagination. It’s sort of like walking into a puzzle.

McDowell Grove Nature Preserve
(Naperville, IL)

This photograph above is located just off the parking lot, when you enter, it feels like a whole new world. There are cars to the right here and cars behind me.

I brought my four month old four legged friend with me as I waited for her to sniff everything, listen to everything (she heard all the geese fly by) and watched everyone in the parking lot. She has begun her journey of exploration and is stubborn at times not to move.

Sitting patiently, listening to sounds around her.

As part border collie, this pup is extremely smart, active and social. She will just sit so nicely and wait until she is ready to move.

Designs by nature.

Something about the bottom of a fallen tree trunk makes for an interesting design. They are fascinating and lovely for the landscapes.

Further into the woods

Walking into the woods was an exploration for the dog and well I couldn’t focus on photography as you might imagine. Next time I’ll bring another hand to help so the photographic opportunities can be taken advantage of. I can take the close up shots and more patterns.

The 2 geese my dog was interested in, landed on the chimney for a rest

We will be back :

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