Blues skies ahead…

A return to the woods at the McDowell Grove Forest Preserve with my pupper – Miss Daisy.

It’s such a great day to walk along the beaten path while listening to the birds overhead and below on the water.

This photo breaks the rules of keeping things off center. As I took a second look I see the tree branches form a pattern of an “X” in the center. Seeing neat discoveries and finding patterns in nature once again.

There are ducks in the river and geese sitting on the rocks.
Where the path leads us ahead.
Broken branches.
Views of the river running through it.
Who’s on the other side of the camera?
The geese are camouflaged behind the leaves hanging off the tree.

It’s always a great time to walk in the woods. Miss Daisy took her time to stop and smell the grass while eagerly waiting to greet any strangers she met along the paths.

Today I use the camera I have with me which is an iPhone. My Digital camera awaits my next adventure.

Happy Shooting outside! You never know what you will see and who you will meet!

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