More Sculpture in the Park…

This amazing sculpture in the park was taken at the on this gorgeous spring day. The five masterpieces represent the Human+Nature exhibit by artist Daniel Popper of South Africa. Most seasoned photographers would agree that the best photographic light is dusk or dawn, yet when the daylight brings bright sunshine, the correct exposure can be both challenging and also rewarding when it looks just right. One of my telephoto lenses has a circular polarizing filter which is awesome when photographing with strong direct sun. All these images are straight out of the camera.

The woman sculpture has life-like qualities which were felt when walking all around her and being in her presence. Perhaps that sounds strange, yet maybe you can see the up-close face shots really bring a personality to this life-less structure. If you are in the area of the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois, then this exhibit is a must see. Happy Shooting!

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