Reaching out with helping hands

One of the newly installed exhibit pieces at the Morton arboretum in Lisle, IL features the hands that reach out and touch you.

Imagine if everyone in this world would reach out to help others the same. This kind gesture does not have a face, nor a race, not a gender or an economic profile. Reaching out your hands costs nothing. Give what can to help others with your time and talents only makes you connected as a human instead of separated and divided. Being a better person is a task everyone can handle, no matter how big or how small.

These hands are one of the five structures made of steel and concrete from the artist Daniel Popper of South Africa. They are located throughout the 1,700 acre park.

Many of my photographs are taken here. The park offers a wonderful space to walk, run, bike, picnic and breath the fresh air or smell the latest blooms. A place for all seasons and sort of a mindful session of walking along the paths on any type of day.

“The hands create an atmosphere for us to enter into meditative stillness and presence.”

— Daniel Popper

Artist 2020

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