A bitty bite of the apple…

It’s all the creative juices and all those diverse people that makes New York City what it is today.

In NYC , I did not set out to capture so much artwork on my phone along my journeys. Rather as I passed by a colorful decoration on the landscape of brick & cement, I was moved by it, stopped by it, or found it uniquely interesting.

At times, I captured the image, then Sometimes I just enjoyed the “art” with my eyes.

Here is a taste of what I captured on film. There were So many people around me. I had to act quickly, or I just waited for people to be out of my view.

It must be the photographer in me. I’m used to waiting.

I’m currently uploading my larger Nikon DSLR files from my SD/XQD cards.

More posts to come ….

The artist expressed in words & pictures….

Lots of artists showcasing their creativity around the streets …
Along the subway station near 42nd street connections.
Under the viaduct (in Brooklyn)
On your way to mail a letter, what’s that? ( Brooklyn)
For those staring down… looking at their phones.
Tile art along the subway platform.
3D art, off the Brooklyn Bridge.
Along the OWTC Lower Manhattan near the Oculus.
Outside the OWTC subway station entrance , where are all the people ?
Skateboard tiles.. At a place called “Bite” Mediterranean food.
The sign no one reads.
Looking up- 3D hanging structure in Midway International Airport.
Art is subjective. I have to say these trash cans looked like a well designed work of art to me. Bryant park.
Another 3D art hanging at La Guardia Airport – Terminal 3. Would love a smaller version in my family room.
It goes without saying.
Dogs need rain coats too….

Happy Viewing …

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