About The Artist….

Photographing images and telling visual stories is something that just lives inside me.

Information about me can best be discovered through my eyes as a photographer along with the words that formulate in my mind as they represent the stories that unfold.

It’s exciting to capture natural light while discovering the unexpected occurrences in the world. It’s fun to experiment, break rules while capturing images that the eyes see.  It’s how you see that makes the difference.

As an artist, I experiment with creative photography as a work of art in itself.

I love sharing stories which have been inspired by the captures themselves.

The Gallery of photos can be found throughout this site, photos are available for purchase through: http://www.studio67.us.

Send inquiries to: martina@studio67.us


    1. Jim, these were the tiniest flowers I ever saw, we almost stepped on them. My son spotted them. I had to crawl on the ground with my macro to make them look bigger than life. Thanks for your nice comment.


  1. The ways make me come to your wonderful blog, I could estimate many post of you. Beautiful¡
    My country is Argentina.
    But always I travel for Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and the Patagonia.
    A lot of luck


  2. Martina, your photographs are remarkably stunning — sublime, chaotic, enigmatic and most of all brilliant. You capture light and shadow so naturally — the colours bleed in the sky (the sunset pic I saw) — wow! Keep clicking. Best wishes & cheers.


    1. Thank you so much Bonnie, that made my week brighter and got me to shoot again the way I like to. I appreciate this. You are an awesome photographer so I can see why you won this award to begin with. Hats off to you.


  3. I can really understand your feelings for your passion. Photography is such an expressive medium. Your images are great and coupled with your writing make a perfect package. Well done, I really like your blog.


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