Hidden Pictures

Photos sometimes don’t have any words to describe them.
They are merely strokes of luck, being at the right place and the right time.

I’m sure this deer wasn’t posing for me, it was only doing what comes naturally.

The deer looks back at the noise behind it to see what is there. My camera just clicked at the right moment.

This deer was probably frightened as I tried quietly to capture it’s image in the wild.

Sometimes it’s not always easy. In this case it was luck on my part and shock on the deer’s part.

Humans do enough to drive them out our their forests and lands they once knew were safe. Where do they go when developers tear down the trees to make way for more new house?


Please drive careful, the deers cross the roads all the time because their land was paved by man.

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Picture Perfect

This is about all I have to show for my busy week of Spring break with continuing to reside mostly indoors.

The windy cool weather in this region hasn’t been notified of the vernal equinox change nor has it made up its mind to know if the sun should really join it from one day to the next. Even the birds are confused if they are in the right location.

The temperatures range anywhere from the 30′s to 50′s but with the rain and wind, cold wind, it feels at least 10 degrees colder!

Bright flowers are not popping up anytime soon, so here are some from my imaginary eye.


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Beyond the Horizon

Such a refreshing walk,
Blue skies above,
Trees without white,
A brown ground below,
Green waiting to appear,
Sunshine finally scared the winter white to another part of the world.
For now the white looks wonderful as a cumulus cloud.




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Looking Down from Above, Prayers for Flight MH370

With the plane descending,
The moment of opportunity
Only seconds.
Click, the sky opened up.

This was as far I got with my post when I saved it for later. It was taken and written before the news of flight MH370 was missing.


Little did I realize that this photo taken from my recent flight overlooking the New York Skyline would seem all too strange after hearing about the missing Malaysia Flight MH370 leaving from Kuala Lumpur heading for Beijing.

Astonishing, how this Malaysia Fight of 239 people just disappeared at 35,000 feet like the blink of my camera.

Investigations continue as you can read the latest news headlines for updated clues.

Truth is stranger than fiction, since fiction is based on the truth anyway.

I felt like I was dreaming when I read this news, so unfair. How could an aircraft of this magnitude just disappear? My heart goes out to all who are impacted by this horrific senseless tragedy. I suspect we have all been affected by these stories that pose the impossible questions in our minds.

The stories of life, unknown, so precious, wiped away like a dark cloud rolling over.

Peace. Love. Strength. Prayers. Courage to carry on….

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Happiness isn’t hidding

Change your perspective-
If you are looking down, look up to the ever changing sky. Star watch and sunset gaze. Take a new approach, there are more than one way to see things.

Change your state of mind-
If you are not happy, it doesn’t have to last forever. Happiness is a choice and sometimes easier to realize than other times. Tell yourself you are happy.

Do what makes you happy-
Spend time that you have control over and seek a favorite hobby, go photowalking, read, go someplace new , whatever makes YOU happy.

Spent time with those who lift you up, not bring you down-
Another choice option you have. This is your time, your life. Happy people can project happiness and make you feel good.

Make the most of what you have-
Is your glass half empty or half full. My glass has always got some sort of positive drops in it, even if it’s not on the half way mark, there is always HOPE which I never try to lose sight of.
That HOPE has turned impossible situations upside down.

These Flowers are for my father whose own faith, hope and love got him better so that I could speak to him
again. He wasn’t doing so well two weeks ago and we are 800 miles away so I can’t contact him easily where he is without a phone in his room nor can I see him often. I love you Pop, keep your positive spirit alive so we can talk and see you again soon.
We love you!



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Blue Skies

Things are looking up. Sun is shinning, ice is melting. Temperatures are still about 2 degrees, but the skies are blue and the days are moving forward into Spring, only 42 days away. Hooray!!


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Winter’s Magical Sky

With streets paved with white and snow piled about as high as mailboxes, the winter white just is not going away fast enough as temperatures continue to stay low. The snow is pretty, but the record-breaking temperatures and record-breaking amount of snow in this Chicago area feels never-ending. I look forward to Spring, but my instincts tell me we will have a longer winter and a longer wait, but Spring’s still coming, right?


Look up at the Winter’s night sky, what a truly amazing pattern of color at sunset. Truly Magical.

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Brighter Days


Through the pain,

Through the sorrows,

Through the grief,

Through the lows,

Through the fear,

Through the troubles,

I look to the future,

I look to the good,

I look at what I have, not what I don’t have.

I remember the miracles from my life,

I rely on my faith, hope and love,

To get me through the toughest times.


Here is a flower to brighten your day. Everyone can use something beautiful to bring a smile to their face or make them feel better. I hope I accomplished that when you look at this photograph. I’m not fond of the snow or freezing temperatures so my recent outdoor photos are limited to a few quick shots out the window or doors which are boring!

Have a beautiful day!!

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Something to Smile About!

Be happy, winter doesn’t last forever…Spring is on the way, hooray! It all feels warmer after having has that Polar Vortex sweeping through our area. My mind is already thinking about what to do for Spring break.

The little gnomes are hidden all over the Morton Arboretum for kids to locate. His name is “Joy” after Joy Morton who is the founder of the Arboretum and the Morton Salt company founder. His father was the founder of Arbor day.




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Polar Vortex 2014

Welcome to the North Pole, where kids like to play in the snow but can’t be outside today because of the extreme record breaking temperatures as low as -16 in the Chicagoland area and wind chills as low as -30/-40. Apparently the elves left more than presents for everyone this Christmas. The children have an extended winter break for two days.

This Polar Vortex from the North Pole has swept the arctic freeze in several states.
Temperatures were reported as low as below -30 in some areas in the Mid-West. This once in a decade event has caused extreme cold as far south as Florida.

Several trains from Chicago stopped running in the evening. Some trains were cancelled in the morning. The cold conditions can easily freeze skin and prevent cars from starting. Some colleges and area businesses that were closed today plan to open at 1:00pm on Tuesday. Regular schools are cancelled again tomorrow when parents have to get creative to keep the kids busy or are they already bored with their Christmas toys? It’s -11 right now at 9:00pm CST. Stay warm if this Polar Vortex is affecting your area.

Last night I was actually on the roads where they were extremely slippery, before temperatures dropped with more snow.

Grilling is a year round event.

Dining at the outside table is optional.

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