Reflections of Yesterday…


Time passes so quickly, most of us don’t appreciate what life has to offer until the time has already passed. We look back to reflect on yesterday’s past. Here today, gone tomorrow. What were we spending our time doing. I think we all get caught up in this “live for the moment” mentality.

When we look back, learn from those reflections, then we can see what we need to do better next time. Sure we all make mistakes, but when we have turned them around for the better then we have become wise in our own worlds. We often learn by doing and from our own experiences or from watching other people, both good and bad. When you learn to let go of the past, learn to forgive and really try hard to forget… then that leaves room for you to let the good things in live in. If you hold onto all the junk, there is no more room inside of you to let what God wants to bless you with.

Live for today, learn from yesterday, plan for tomorrow….then when one door closes, another door shall open if you open your heart and your mind to believe all things are possible through Jesus Christ.

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Literally, are you feeling like you are drowning with a task list or swimming with a project you haven’t finished? If so, you are not alone. When I have so many things on my plate, I seem to get none of them accomplished. Why? Because I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Making lists and putting the items in categories, then labeling them in order of importance helps. If it can wait until tomorrow, don’t stress over it. Time sensitive items come first.

I think that the marketing people of the world used the “time” label to their advantage. Think about it — everything has an expiration date of time, sales events have a time, coupons expire in time, sign up dates have a time. Hurry in now or you miss out. Everything has to happen now, we are always in a rush to get things done right now. People behind me honking if I daydream at a green light. Where is everyone going in such a hurry? Life is too short to be in such a hurry. If you miss the sales event, thank yourself for all the money you saved. I just love it when sales people at the counter tell me how much money I saved. I correct them and tell them how much money I just spent because that’s what I have to pay later if I spend now.

I say we need to slow down, catch our breath and relax. Take a dip in the pool and go underwater as long as you come up for a breath of fresh air once in a while. You will be doing ok.


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Catch me off guard,

My thoughts wander.

Silent words spoken,

Can you hear me?

If they are not heard,

Are they still present?

Only in the mind, you see.

Those thoughts go a million miles a minute.

Only in the mind, you cannot see.

Nor can you hear words of no sound.

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Rock of Ages


Kinda reminds me of a guitar…what say you???

Don’t ask me how I took this one. A professional doesn’t reveal their secrets unless they are mentoring the next generation or being paid to teach.

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One with Nature’s Landscape

I have no words to share, add your own here as you wish….see the bee?



Nature Photography…

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Two Brothers

No Title Needed

If you were to write a story about these two boys (brothers) what would it say? How would you describe this photo from your perspective? What title would you possibly give it? I just love the emotions from this image.

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After the Great Flood of Illinois 2013

So the “Great Flood of Illinois” came and went rather quickly. You can see my last post of pictures. It did not take long before the water receded and things were getting back to “normal” for some. Plenty of flooded basements and unhappy people.
I returned a week later, on April 26th, to the Naperville Riverwalk to see what has changed. Here is a look. Our town is behind the rest of the country in terms of Spring “blooming.” The wacky weather changes from warm 65 to 50, to sunny, then back to cold, wet and rainy again.


Here you can see how the water has receded by the covered bridge and you can now see the walkway along the river.

Spring tulips are finally in bloom.

A closer look at the stairs and walkway as you can see the statue of Dick Tracy is not half-way under water anymore. The water came up to the top of these stairs by the metal railing.

The water was up to the knees of these statues. All clear now.

In the distance you can see the outdoor theatre. This was covered entirely during the flooding.

I don’t have pictures of the Centennial beach being flooded or images of it being drained. Located nearby this Riverwalk, it is a man-made beach which is emptied and filled again every year. If April showers bring May flowers, we surely got our share all in one day. Some neighbors got unfortunate basement floods. I’m looking forward to when the weather will stay warm and sunny, but for now we seem to go from extremes in temperatures during the week.

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The Great Illinois Flood of 2013

The rain began to fall the evening of Wednesday April 17th with thunderstorms and heavy rain. Little did I know that the viewing of the forecast for rain every evening would result in ONE night of massive rain so heavy with up to five inches that it caused flooding of roads, ponds, and overflow in the rivers and nearby streams. The next morning the local schools were closed as they were closed again on Friday.

Traveling around the neighborhood two days after the storm in Naperville, IL you can see the small streams became huge rivers and the retention ponds everywhere were filled up like ponds to the max.

The ducks and geese loved their new places to hangout while local businesses around town closed shop and stacked sand bags around their windows.


My “dirty little ducks” (as seen in a previous post) found a new home to explore in the streets.


The downtown Riverwalk now has a new meaning as no one is walking there…
Dick Tracy is not coming to your rescue…
No stepping down this walk…


The covered bridge met the water at its level…


The goose found a comfy place to rest amongst the chaos…


The covered bridges were all blocked off from traffic…


The park across the local football college stadium at North Central College…


A familiar central park overflows with water…


A local canoe man is out to have some fun with his companion dog. A dry piece of land that has now been made a body of water…


After seeing other images from reporters and photographers in this State, my photographs don’t even show the worst of the rain. Cars were under water, a piece of road fell in and trapped three cars, traffic was halted in many places, manhole covers burst and flooding in indoor places.

I’m not sure what the longterm impact of this storm will have, but I have seen too many rugs rolled up by the sidewalk knowing that so many have had to salvage what remains of their basement dwellings…

Onto sunning days and dryer days…..

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Winter’s Majesty


Winter here in the Chicagoan area is finally showing its true colors with the blanketing of about four inches of magical white today.

Imagine for a moment.

The dirt disappears,

Dull colors are decorated,

Branches are beautified with contrast,

Potholes are covered up.

Everything, everywhere,

Has a blank slate.

To begin again,

Start over,

With a fresh new outlook.


The snow plow gets started,

Shovels hit the pavement,

People leave their footprints,

Children make snow angels.

Sledding leave its tracks,

Snow isn’t white anymore.

To begin,

All over again.

P.S. Those dirty little ducks I blogged about earlier, are back again, stay tuned for a future posting.

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Let me take you on a Vacation….

I came across these photos as I searched for some baby photos for my kids to take to school.
These photos perked me up and brought a smile to my face while making me feel better about the bitter cold.
The weather here in the mid-west of Illinois has been cold, sad and depressing with no chance of me getting out much other than to run a few errands. The cold has not brought the snow that the environment so desperately needs and I had a sick child home last week and this week.

So….I’m resorting my mind and imagination to a place where the weather is warmer and fond memories linger…Hawaii and the surrounding islands. Let me take you there.


That’s me on the left, co-piloting a Cessna. I actually passed my ground written pilot test, but didn’t actually take the flying portion of the test. I didn’t have my pilot license at the time, but I don’t think this pilot next to me heard me correctly. He actually let me take control of the plane flying over Maui. I just can’t explain the feeling I felt controlling the plane over the open blue ocean water along the gorgeous cliff shores of splashing waves. I can tell you that I don’t ever wish to pursue the job of flying a plane, ever. It’s way too easy to move the plane in the wrong direction. So…. hey it was an extreme adventure while it lasted and I survived with my heart beating off the charts.

These other shots were taken around the Island of Maui or Kauai or from a tour guided helicopter ride where I sat next to the pilot who was the likes of someone who looked just like Jon Bon Jovi (lucky me).
This island is of Molokai.

Another gorgeous blue sky view.

Looks like an abandoned ship from here. Took a jeep four-wheeling to get to this beach. I really thought we were going to flip over at certain points, the roads were so filled with holes and bumps everywhere. Hold on to your hat!!

This trusted jeep brought us to safety, through my stomach hell and back again, what a ride.

That’s it, this rock says “Garden of the Gods” in the middle of the 4-wheeling trails. That’s what saved us…

What a wonderful view of the smoother portion of the dirt roads…

Well…I’ll never see that body again, this is a pre-kids photo.

I’ll end this adventure with a beautiful beach on a warm tropical day in the middle of the ocean where my mind so much wants to go and did. I needed this perk and perhaps taking a look back at a fond memory in a warm place can do wonders. I am so very much ready for Spring today to bring me out of my “blue” days, how about you?

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