Wired to Wear

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has an interesting “special exhibit” about the future of clothing items. Some pieces featured can generate dog barking sounds, detect lying, protect athletes from harm and react to your emotions. To name a few.

Here is a sneak peek at the uniquely interesting fashion pieces which educated my curiosity.

WIRED TO WEAR exhibit, where technology meets functional fashion.

“Eye of the Storm – Thunderstorm dress” This dress is one of my favorite items in this exhibit.

When loud noises are made the dress lights up. We had fun clapping to light up the skirt.

“Light Head -Electric Dreams”

Artfully displays your state of mind. Electronic dreams monitors your brain waves, turning them into a colorful light show. This shows how the human nervous system is networked across the whole body, not just the head.

“Getting Territorial -Spider dress”

Be careful approaching someone wearing this dress. If someone is getting nervous, the legs will push you away.

“Suit Up, Lift off – jet suit”

Strap on Mini turbines, steer using your arms and soar at top speeds of 32 mph. “It’s like learning to ride a bike.” The inventor says.

“The shocking Truth – the holy dress”
The wire covering is meant to detect if a person wearing this is lying as it sends an electric shock to the body.

“More power to you – powered clothing” If you are injured or aging with weak muscles, then this piece fits under your clothes and keeps you active. The electric controlled muscles assist your back and hip with standing up.

“Stress Dress- Adrenaline Dress”

Here the dress will expand to scare off enemies if the emotions of threat are detected from the Person wearing the outfit. Another moving fashion piece which can expand

” See and be Seen – Iridescence”

Lovely colors of this top moves and flickers as it recognizes facial expressions of moods and Movements.

The design was modeled after hummingbird wings:

“Grand Gestures-Sign Aloud Gloves”

If you talk with your hands, turn that into a new way to communicate using motion tracking gloves. The sensors record hand positions then send the data wirelessly to a computer whose speakers communicate your message out loud.

“Leading Light- The Marlene Dress”

This Dress was a vision of Marlene Dietrich in 1958. Sixty years later a fashion designer made it a reality.

Combing lighthouses that sparkle & blue tooth technology, it’s lights flicker on and off creating a subtle beautiful dress.


Pretty neat isn’t it? There were a Lot more functional gadgets on display here.

Which one of these here do you like and why?


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