Vibes from the landscape: a photographic perspective

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” A quote often heard in my younger years.

Now I don’t suppose I will find others who think like me, nor does that make for interesting conversations.

When I think of other people I know, it is often when I am outside photographing in nature or along my paths of the streets.

When I spot a subject matter, a written sign, a specific color or a type of object, it often sparks me to remember a particular person because of what I know about them.

I enjoy helping others just as much as I enjoy taking photographs and staying connected with others into the crowds or along a paved path. Photography is like therapy and especially when being outdoors. It’s a wonder with being stuck inside so long that nature is calling me once again.

Images: from a photographer holding a FujiFilm X-T3, XF 18-55 lens

She stepped into my photograph, thank you!
What are they sharing?
It would be lovely to have such a picture perfect scene in our life!
This message comes just as I planned to venture downtown for more photo adventures.

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