A sunset not too far away

There is a forest preserve called “Springbrook prairie” only a few miles away which offers walking paths for people and bikes and so much more. It is someplace to get away from the hectic roads and noise and light pollution that surround the prairie. You actually feel like you are so far away inside a peaceful environment of nature. Spending time at the prairie and meeting so many wonderful people along the route just turns any bad day around.

The golden hour before sunset is gorgeous and the after glow lasts about 5 minutes every night. Colors are so spectacular and it varies at any given night. Here are a few images I captured using my off camera open strobe (no grid) to the left of my camera.

When the afterglow happens you have only a few minutes to achieve the look you want.

The second image of the women was captured at exactly the right time. She was a stranger who walked by for the second time when I talked her into being our model. After a minute or two she stepped into my viewfinder. This divine intervention turned out to be the best looking photo overall with the colors, lighting, and sharpness. Magic! Thank you D.

f/4.0, 1/50, 56mm, 200
f/4, 1/80, 55mm, 200
f/4, 1/40, 60mm, 200
The Rainbow….our sign that everything is all right

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