Out like a light..

Today I don’t have a series of happy photos to post, instead I reflect on the losses in my life including my older brother who just passed away yesterday on July 4th at the tender age of 55.

Yes… he had a lot more living to do and unfortunately he let his drinking addition get the best of him. I can go on about that, but you can imagine if you have ever dealt with this in your family. It is still so hard for me to process. I always hoped that someday I would have my brother back who I once knew as a child.

RIP Chris! I love you! ❤️

Me & my big brother as a child

Since I carried my first child (16 years ago) GOD has carried these people away from my life and from this earth…

Friend Andrea – 2005

Cousin Karen -2005

Grandpa Herbert

Father in Law

My Pop – 2016

Aunt Marika

Pastor Bailey -2018

Cousin Kerri – 2020

Brother Chris – July 4, 2021

In my Earlier childhood years/ early adult I also lost my…

Opa Hank

My Grandma

Aunt Ellie

Uncle Ben

cousin Blaze

my MOM

Aunt Joan

Friend John W

….and others I didn’t know so well.

My family potential would look like this beautiful flower!

I’m very sensitive to the negative, violent, tragic news around me as I’ve lived enough of it in real time since I was a young child.

Yes…some of these people died a tragic ending. They died too young. They were my close relatives or friends. Their life was cut short. Sadly, their creative potential died with them. I wish I knew them better or longer.

Words are hard to explain how I feel.

Robbed, cheated, short changed.

Life is not a guarantee.

Until my time has come…we will meet again.

I am numb!

I remain

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