As we say good bye to summer…

I really like to hold on to the warm weather that comes our way weeks after the autumnal equinox occurs September 22, 2021.

I decided to turn some past photos into canvas art. Here is a busy bee captured by the movements as it feeds off these flowers. (20×20 canvas)

Believe it or not bees are on the endangered species list!

Taken at the Morton Arboretum

As I pass by it in my hall, this bee image is a reminder that summer will always return soon enough.

Enjoy the fall foliage and the cooler temperatures as we head into winter. (for those lucky enough to experience the change of seasons).

Taken at the Denver Botanical Garden

This Lily looked so peaceful as the bright sun shinned from above. That bee on the petal was a blessing in disguise. I believe it made the picture what is is and why it looks great enough to hang up on my walls. The bee is in the upper right, my copy isn’t showing up really well. The entire image looks amazing in person.

Happy Autumn shooting everyone!

Here is a copy from my website. A copy as a photo.

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